1. Do you take walk in clients?
YES! It's what we are known for. We offer both the convenience of just walking in and getting a service done or you can call to make an appointment if you are on a tight schedule. For Wax, Facial and hair services we do recommend appointments as they are booked with specifically trained staff based on time slots but if one is available when you walk in its all yours. For threading you have the option of just walking in or calling ahead to make an appointment. The only exception is full face threading which we require an appointment.

2. What is your cancellation policy for appointments?
For all Wax, Facial and hair services to avoid being charged we require a 24 hour cancellation request prior to your appointment.

3. I wasn't satisfied with my service, what should I do?
We are sorry we didn't provide the service level you should expect. We have one of the most amazing track records when it comes to service and we wouldn't want it any other way. But on those rare occasions something didn't quite go right we want to hear about it. WE GAURENTEE all our services and encourage you to let our front desk staff or manager know of what didn't go right for you. Every one of our staff is trained to make sure customer service is taken seriously. We will always make things right as we strongly believe you should always enjoy coming to Pretty Threading and Beauty salon and we appreciate every client that walks through our doors. Feel free to email us at info@threading-salon.com with any concerns, we promise a manager will get back with you!

4. What is eyebrow threading?
A. Eyebrow threading is an ancient Indian method of hair removal that is all natural, safe, simple, fast, and effective

5 Can I make appointments for threading?
Yes you can, just give us a call and we would be glad to make an appointment for you. Our appointments are for first available threader only and cannot be made with a specific threader.

6 I usually go to a specific threader, how can I make sure to get her every time?
We understand that people may have their favorites for a variety of reasons and we will always do our best to accommodate your requests. However threaders' schedules can vary and we cannot guarantee they will be here on the day you come in. It's always best to call ahead and verify your particular threader is working that day and what time she is scheduled for lunch. Some tips to help are come when we open or earlier in the day and come midweek vs. Friday or Saturdays.

7 Why don't you take appointments with specific threaders?
This is probably the number one question from most clients and while it would seem a simple thing to do, it actually gets very complicated quickly. Unlike most salons we designed our system to be walk in friendly and while we do take limited appointments for time slots throughout the day those time slots are based on the first available threader being available to take the next scheduled appointment. It's more art than science as we don't know when a threader will be finished with their current client so if we make an appointment for a specific threader at let's say 1pm she may not be done with her current client until much later. While there are economic and management reasons the above is the main reason we cannot take appointments with specific threaders.

8. How does eyebrow threading work?
A. Threading is done with a piece of thread by knotting the thread and creating a trap. Hairs are removed by the roots or close to the roots.

9. How long does eyebrow threading take to do?
A. A typical eyebrow threading session takes 10 minutes.

10. Does eyebrow threading hurt?
A. It may sound painful, but threading is not painful compared to waxing.

11. What are the benefits of threading vs waxing?
A. Threading does not peel a layer of skin. Redness and swelling seldom appear, and if they do occur, they disappear within 30 minutes. There is no irritation or bumps at all. Threading removes even the finest of hair and feels smooth, like a baby's skin.

12 Do you take male clients?
Yes we do! We welcome men into our salon for threading services. Threading is something that should be done by men just as women. Unless you are going for the crazy "Einstein" eyebrow look come and see why threading your eyebrows will make your eyes stand out.

13 When I walk in I sometimes see a lot of people waiting, how can I minimize my wait time?
We can get busy at times, but usually we know our peak periods and staff accordingly. The only exception is during holiday seasons we can't seem to have enough staff and for those periods we ask for your patience or try and book an appointment if you are on a time crunch. Our average wait times most days are under 15 minutes for first available threader. If you request someone wait times can be longer.

14 Can I put my name on the walk in list over the phone?
I'm sorry we cannot take your name over the phone. We work by a first come first served basis to make it equal and fair for everyone. If time is an issue feel free to make an appointment that way you can be in and out quickly. Note we do not take appointments within the hour of your call to be fair to walk in clients.

15 What kind of thread do you use?
We use a thread made in USA that is specifically made for threading. Unlike normal sewing thread, threading thread is smoother and slightly thicker. We buy the highest quality thread available to ensure you have as gentle a threading experience as possible.

16 What kind of wax do you use?
We use three different kinds of waxes depending what part of the body is getting waxed. We use very high quality professional use only waxes is for most of the body. The creamy sensitive resin wax is for sensitive areas. Always feel free to ask your esthetician any questions about our waxes and services.

17 Is threading better than waxing?
Well it depends. We recommend threading for facial areas, but you may also wax if you want. For the remainder of the body we only provide waxing services. We use very high quality wax and maintain the highest hygienic standards. Our staff is very well trained and will be glad to answer any questions before starting any waxing service.

18 Does threading take hair from the root?
Yes, threading takes hair from the root. With threading you can take a single hair or a row of hairs all by the root which is why threading provides great results for eyebrows.

19 Does threading cause my hair to come back thicker or darker?
No threading will not make your hair come back thicker or darker. If anything it may reduce hair growing back over time.

20 Does threading or waxing hurt more?
Most people find threading to be less painful than waxing. It is individual but over time your body adjusts to either method or it becomes more routine. One benefit of threading over waxing is that it won't remove layers of skin like waxing will. This will help in preventing premature lines or wrinkles.

21 I get bumps after threading/waxing, what should I do?
Removing hair from the root can sometimes cause inflammation of the follicle (folliculitis). It's your body's natural way of protecting itself. If this is something that happens for you please let your threader or esthetician know and we can apply something after the service.

22 What kind of facials do you offer?
We offer facials based on your individual skin type. Since each person has unique needs we suggest booking the facial by the time 30 or 60 minutes and then let our professional recommend what facial would be best for you. After analyzing your skin she can mix and match product that will provide the best results.

23 Do you offer henna hair coloring?
Yes, we do and for good reason. Henna is a great natural hair coloring. We provide you with the purest henna for hair color available



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